Snail Bob


Tags: agario, agar, agar io, snail bob
Description: Snail Bob is a puzzle game made by Hunter Hamster. Snail Bob is lost, you’ll have to help Snail Bob avoid the dangers that lie on his path.
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Agario Traffic Talent


Tags: agario, agar, agar io, traffic talent
Description: Traffic Talent is a very entertaining online game. This game will help you improve your driving skills and help you encounter situations that are very realistic.
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Agar Bad Ice Cream


Tags: agario, agar, agar io, bad ice cream
Description: Play Bad IceCream for free on Guide the Ice Cream collect all items in the level.
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Agario Game

Tags: agario, agar, agar io
Description: Your mission is too plain to accomplish, but it is not so easy. To complete the quest, players must manipulate a spherical cell, move it, eat the smaller animals. Accumulate nutrients slowly and grow. To grow, your cell must eat as much as possible in the short time.
Be careful with larger rivals. They will eat you if you let them approaching. These small cells will move faster than the big cells. When you press the Space bar, your body will be split into two. Each blob will equal 50 percent of the old body. When you want to expand the scope of prey, please use the W key.
In the unblocked Agar game, you may encounter a different kind of normal cells. These are viruses. Viruses are spherical spiky around, and they are green. They do not move. They are born in random places. Viruses can make a bigger cell explode if you touch them. But they are useful for smaller cells. It will be a great refuge when these cells are in danger.
Now start to play Agario online by moving through the grid and try to catch all the tiny blurs of color first.
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